What can WATERGOAT do for your community and how can you get WATERGOATing.


Streams, Canals & Lakes. WATERGOAT has been preventing trash from entering big waters since 2006. Over 191 Watergoats have been deployed in public waterways. A small percentage of our devices are installed on private/commercial properties. Best collected data (conservative) indicates that the mighty Watergoat fleet has prevented well over 322 tons of debris from ever getting close to the ocean! That name? Goats are known to eat almost anything and everything, most of all, ... trashy trash.


WATERGOAT SIZES - We custom make each WATERGOAT to fit your location.


WATERGOAT Trash Barrier, WATERGOAT Aquatic Plants & WATERGOAT RedTide. (See 'Products' Page)


WATERGOAT installation can generally be accomplished in less than three hours using three different types of 'Earth Anchors'. With most installs, one side of the WATERGOAT attachment is designed to break loose during a catastrophic rain event to ensure retention of the community asset and prevent waterway hazards.


If needed, in almost all cases, are covered by the local Public Works or Storm Water Department. (Specs and Engineering available by request). Watergoats are designed to allow optimum flow at all times. Watergoats only displace 1/4" of water, allowing optimal storm water flow - never backing up the SW grid regardless of the captured debris amount. The WATERGOAT is engineered to raise and lower with rapidly fluctuating water levels.


We use high strength nylon, non-gill netting.


Collections will consist of everything imaginable, both good and bad. Over the seasons we have captured objects that should never have gotten close to the waterways and for that reason we strongly encourage adult supervision if young folks will be participating in a scheduled cleanup. The trashy WATERGOAT data remains consistent regardless of the location, count on at least 60 to 70% of the contents consisting of plastic bottles, a strong 20% being styrene or foam products and the rest are what we call.. 'it's a mystery'. Single-Use containers and packaging will always provide the most data.


Maintenance is usually performed from the safety of embankments or 'Stormwater Headwalls'. The Watergoats are easily pulled to the stream sides with minimal effort. The average Watergoat can be cleaned out in less than two hours with three Volunteers. Scoop Nets or Hooking Nets are used to easily remove debris.


Contact us and we will ask you for some basic information regarding the location, overall maintenance commitment, potential community participation along with some logistical inquiries. With most efforts, a WATERGOAT can easily be installed between 8 to 12 weeks after initial contact. Site visits are not always necessary, render GPS, some basic measurements with a few descriptive photos and a hungry WATERGOAT is on the way! We have found that corporate sponsors are likely to help quickly, avoiding a sometimes long 'Grant' process. Please keep in mind we have many requests from all over the country, what we look for is that long term educational component that will reach into the surrounding communities. Yes, your new WATERGOAT will prevent incredible amounts of litter from heading downstream, but it will also provide powerful data that can be used to teach in classroom settings while effecting policies in corporate board-rooms!


WATERGOAT Data depends on placement within a StormWater grid. A single WATERGOAT will capture (on average) 111lbs of floating trash per month. Based on 151 WATERGOAT placements - Southeastern U.S.​​ (Impressive Data @ 216,000 lbs per year!)


This is a community effort, debris collected/captured from a Watergoat will never be weaponized against corporate entities or product distributors. It is our strong belief that once a product/item is purchased, it then becomes the sole responsibility of the 'purchaser' to dispose of the item/container responsibly. 'Brand Shaming' or 'Product Protest' are never approved by WATERGOAT. The good news is that data collection programs such as ETAP and Ocean Swell are readily available and provided to participating environmental groups.