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Watergoats in Fort Worth

Dec 5, 2023 by J Mills

Public-Private Partnership to Combat Floatable Litter

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Valdosta - Wanting to make a difference

Jul 2, 2023 by J Mills

Watching Over Waterways: Student keeps Sugar Creek beautiful.

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Fort Worth - Parks

Jul 26, 2022 by J Mills

A simple device has removed 6,000-plus pounds of trash from Fort Worth waterways this year.

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South Carolina - Horry County fights Litter

Jun 23, 2022 by J Mills

WaterGoat gives Horry County new way to fight litter in waterway.

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South Carolina - Litter ends here

Nov 07, 2021 by J Mills

Watergoat helps South Carolina Palmetto Pride and Greenville County recreation start a pilot program Litter Ends Here to clean up the waterways.

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